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Established in 2001 as a modest export-centric venture, Mujtaba Textiles has swiftly emerged as a vibrant and competitive force in the textile industry. Born from the visionary ideals of its founders in the nineties, Mujtaba Textiles has translated ambitious concepts into tangible triumphs. With a widespread clientele spanning the USA, EU, Canada, South Africa, and Australia,



Mujtaba Textiles distinguishes itself in the global textile arena by offering a diverse array of fibers, ranging from fundamental plain weaves to intricate sateen and dobby patterns. Our product lineup includes specialized fabrics like Flannel Fabrics, varieties of Cotton and Poly Cotton Fabrics in Pigment, Reactive and Digital Printing with difference finishes tailored to the needs of various producers. Equipped to handle both narrow and wider fabric widths in weaving and processing, our facilities ensure efficient management of diverse demands.

Operated through distinct entities, each active within its niche, Mujtaba Textiles operates harmoniously to contribute collectively towards our overarching objectives. This organizational structure enables us to effectively address evolving business needs while operating seamlessly under a unified banner.

Amidst the intricacies of the modern marketplace, Mujtaba Textiles remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, continually striving to surpass the dynamic expectations of our global clientele. With over 40 million meters exported to date, Mujtaba Textiles stands as a beacon of export compliance and has unwaveringly upheld its social and environmental responsibilities through mandatory adherence and rigorous audits, ensuring sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Our Mission

At Mujtaba Textiles, our mission is to deliver superior textile solutions at competitive prices to a worldwide clientele. Through pioneering fabrics, advanced dyeing techniques, and sustainable approaches, we aim to cater to diverse customer requirements. Our commitment lies in offering an extensive array of specialized weaves and finishes, ensuring unparalleled excellence and dependability in every textile we produce. We continuously strive to enhance customer satisfaction by fostering adaptability, continuous improvement, and exceptional service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to emerge as a frontrunner in the textile realm, distinguished for our ingenuity, excellence, and eco-conscious practices. We aim to redefine textile manufacturing standards, leading the way in innovation by amalgamating cutting-edge design and technology. Our goal is not only to meet current market expectations but also to anticipate future trends. We envision expanding our global presence while upholding ethical standards and contributing to the welfare of our community and environment.

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F 341, Sindh Industrial Trading Estate, Karachi, Sindh 75280, Pakistan

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Sharmeen Texitle, LLC USA

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